Our Company


We are a brazilian company specialized in a distribution of surgical products. Our commitment is to help save lives using our distribution services and products in some special areas: neurosurgery, maxillofacial and orthopedics.

Our company has all certifications to prove our quality services and a warehouse with more than 5,000 products for a prompty delivery.

We are convicted for treading this path honestly and respectly, all the good results are the result of hard work from all our internal and external collaborators, great partners and especially, customers who recognize our work and value.  

So, we invite you to join in our world that it is not identified only in cold steel, titanium or whatever the product specification but by the precision, dexterity and quality. After all, indirectly, we save lives and that is our main goal.

Our Mission

To have the best technology providing new and versatile solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

To be reference in the national market for the quality care and our partnerships.

Our Core Values

Benefit Life
High Excellence Level
Commitment to Ethics and Integrity
Comply with the Needs of Our Clients